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Buy Electricity Online is an Independent Energy Adviser, dedicated to providing impartial advice on Energy Procurement, Energy Management, The new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting directive, The Climate Change Levy, Green and Renewable Energy, Energy Audits and Metering services. All of our customers have a dedicated account manager. This manager will be available to help with all aspects of energy advice. We keep our customers on merit, they are not bound by any written agreement.


The Importance of Good Service

In these times of escalating energy prices obtaining the most competitive quote is of the utmost importance and very often the most competitive supplier is not always the supplier that provides a good service.
Recently a customer survey of the UK’s top 100 brands found the ‘Big Six’ i.e. energy providers amongst the worst for customer service, in fact one of them was bottom of the list.

For organisations like these with thousands of employees in different locations and departments, it is very difficult for them to provide a good service level.For the clients getting through to the correct department it can be a major problem and with possibly various people dealing with your query it may take a considerable time to resolve.

Using a small energy broker like BEOL Ltd you will be able to overcome this obstacle and eliminate your stress as your query will be dealt with promptly and with the right result.

Our number 1 priority is providing the best service to our clients, who have one point of contact at BEOL.
We have been in the business for over 20 years and have built up a great relationship with our customers by providing them with the best prices coupled with a personal, prompt and first class service.
It is also worth noting that we adhere to the strict code of conduct of the Utilities Intermediaries Association. We do not cold call and grow our business through referral.
It cannot but be stressed enough how important good service is to the smooth running of a business relationship.

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