Buy Electricity Online is a market leading energy brokerage and consultant. We consult on behalf of small to medium enterprises and large commercial and industrial sites. We have been negotiating competitive energy agreements on behalf of our clients since the deregulation of the energy markets 26 years ago. Specialising in the commercial Electricity and Gas markets, we search for the contract terms, the most competitive prices, and energy management solutions. Our priority is to take your business to the UK energy suppliers and use our negotiating expertise to make sure you get the best possible price and solution. At Buy Electricity Online, we have strong relationships with many of the leading suppliers and energy solution providers, finding the right fit for all of our customers’ needs. Call us now and we will provide you with a bespoke quote from UK energy suppliers large and small. Our service is tailor made to your requirements and we will not only look after the overarching strategy, but the tiny details, too!

Expert energy advice.

  • Centrally analyse energy data at all levels
  • Go to market to find the best price
  • Bespoke contract management for fixed and flexible pricing
  • Gas & Power expertise
  • Energy management services
  • Site and office level employee Behavioural Change
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Sub metering
  • Battery storage and on-site generation