Our knowledge and experience provides you with a real advantage when it comes to saving money and time when purchasing energy. Having the right tools and the right expertise in place makes a huge difference when decision making. By providing many years of experience of negotiating in the energy markets we can deliver an all-round service enabling you to rest assured that your energy requirements are comprehensively catered for
By working in partnership with you, our aim is to provide you with the best possible plan for purchasing energy for your business. We specialise in analysing products and services that can meet your requirements as well as providing great value and quality for your business
Finding the best energy business solutions that save your business money and time is our main goal.

Buy Electricity Online Ltd

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Buy Electricity online Ltd gives you the opportunity to access the whole energy marketplace enabling our clients to receive improved energy prices plus a variety of services from suppliers. you to receive improved energy prices plus a variety of services from suppliers.


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The benefit of using our service at Buy Electricity Online Ltd gives our clients an advantage when negotiating between different types of energy and various contract options.


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This enables a joint effort in purchasing the right energy plans that can offer an effective energy strategy to your business.


Guiding you through a complex market

It can be a complex procedure of purchasing the right energy tariff and arranging a contract that suits your standards and business needs. We are experienced in handling all complications that may arise in energy purchasing and you can count on our dedicated guidance at every stage.
We can guide you and your business by taking care of any confusion and every concern that may arise. We have the specific experience to recognise the trends of the energy marketplace and have the right skills set to negotiate a plan for your business, even when switching contracts mid-term.
Making this experience of buying energy as smooth as possible is our main aim.

Monitoring the energy markets

We are constantly managing the energy markets to ensure that our clients benefit from the optimum prices. Timing is important in keeping up to date with any changes that may affect your energy strategy
In a world with constant marketplace changes such as supply and demand, energy storage, global events and trends; it is crucial that we keep energy plans in line with these changes as they can constantly affect energy costs.
With our knowledge we can specifically make the right energy purchases at the right time and at the right cost for your business.

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With our fixed-rate contracts, we guarantee a fully-fixed price business electricity contract. This is a simple and straightforward contract that consolidates your energy purchasing for the term that you agree and gives you peace of mind throughout the contract duration.

A large proportion of the government and third-party charges are also built into the rate of the unit price which stays fixed throughout the whole length of the term of your contract. By having a price fixed for a certain duration can be an advantage to your business needs. If the energy marketplace stays the same, then this may generally work out cheaper for you compared to other contracts. Further contract options are also available at the end of their fixed term.
The key feature with this contract is price protection and guarantee. This gives you the freedom and security to continue with your business practice and planning without any worry of constant energy price changes.
The benefit of having this contract allows a certainty, which provides the knowledge and ability to project energy expenditure in advance. This enables a greater advantage when budgeting.

Green is important in today’s changing world climate that affects energy levels, rates, storages and much more. We advocate that our customers consider becoming more environmentally friendly and that they seriously look at these options. Green energy tariffs can have many positive effects on your business.
We provide the information and guidance that you may need to actively help encourage going green, to use energy more efficiently and to save as much business energy as possible. We all have a role to play in showing practical commitment in being environmentally friendly and to help fight climate change.

The energy marketplace can often vary and be unstable. depending on particular events and trends that may occur. This can affect energy supplies and usage. By keeping in line with these changes, the government or an official third-party may make changes to the non-commodity costs. This can make rates variable and securing prices can be tricky for the long term.
With pass-through contracts, business energy plans are based on fixed prices, but are open to any government or third-party unit rate changes. This means that our clients have a fixed wholesale energy price for their contract term, but if there are any third party non-commodity unit rate changes then suppliers pass this straight through and contract rates adapt accordingly.
Depending on market forces this contract option may work out cheaper in comparison to a fixed-rate contract that makes the price fully fixed for the whole term of your contract. Though, this can get complicated if there are risks of charges constantly rising with unit rate increases.
All market trends and risks are analysed by our specialists to guide you in the right direction to choose the right energy strategy for you and your business.

More flexible contract options may be available to our clients depending on the options that some of our energy suppliers offer. A certain degree of flexibility is available if there are significant energy market changes.
Once your contract is live and passed the initial contract requirements, we are able to negotiate with suppliers as part of our scheme to blend and extend current contracts. Here, you are able to change your contract by blending with current price alterations and extending the length of your term.
This limits the risks that may occur should there be a huge downtrend on energy market prices. This gives our clients peace of mind by securing further cheaper rates and to take advantage of and adapt to the current variable market changes.
We will ensure to keep on top of all market trends in order to give our clients more power, to allow clients to be in control and have more flexibility when it comes to business energy purchasing.

No matter what the size of your business, we will put your energy needs first thus enabling a long-term business relationship with you.
We provide a specific, tailored service to your type of business and changing needs. Timing is everything and saving money for your business is most valuable, which is why our experience in energy purchasing enables us to find the best deals for your business.
Our practical support to you aims to deliver an all-round service that you can trust.

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